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знакомства город жуковский yabb pages

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The Jews of Zante had just drawn up a representation to the Government, begging that their deplorable social condition might be ameliorated. Chazan to give me an exact statement of the circumstances of the case, which he promised to send after me to Jerusalem.

On my return from the East, I visited him again; he excused himself for not having kept his word, on the ground that the representatives of the community had not deemed it advisable tc make communications, which might become public and give offence to Government.

знакомства город жуковский yabb pages

But when is a Parliament resentful of publicity, especially one opened and led by a Lord High Commissioner of England? It is everywhere the lot of the oppressed that they do not venture to express that even which the law allows them, and which is becoming the dignity of a manly character. Chazan took me to visit the School of the Community, where the managers, having already been informed by him of my intended visit, received me in a friendly manner.

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About eighty boys, who nearly all exhibited the expression and form of body distinctive of the South, were assembled in a large room. Only a few gave signs of their Jewish descent, a phenomenon which has frequently struck us in the German schools, where the fair hair and blue eyes reminded us as th most likely explanation of the conduct of the patriarch Jacob, grounded on physiological principles, when hf wished to produce speckled sheep.

Winckelmann deduces, among other reasons, the beautiful shape of the Italian head and body, from the sight of the noble forms of sculpture and painting presented to the view in Italy in many different ways.

знакомства город жуковский yabb pages

I was even here introduced to the children, with true Oriental hyperbole, as " the first doctor of Europe," by whose "gracious and happy visit" they ought to feel themselves flattered and elevated, and incited to diligence and good behaviour. At a given signal with a bell all stood up, and, marching forth from their desks, walked in regular procession round the room, and then arranging themselves at their desks, every child took his own place again.

Chazan explained to me that in the hot climate this exercise was necessary, in order to keep the children awake and ready to receive instruction. They were then examined by the teachers, first in Hebrew, then in Greek and Italian. I observed that the children remained bareheaded [!

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We wish to avoid being derided on account of any defects in our mode of speech," added he, in a low tone, audible only to me. The only Jew was the teacher of Hebrew and of the Bible; the other teachers were Greeks. When I asked whether there were not Jews in Corfu capable of giving instruction on secular subjects, Mr. Chazan, from the Talmud [2]. They each had their own reasons for coming to the Badwater Ultra Marathon.


Me and Valmir Nunes. The day before the race Valmir Nunes is 43 and a very very good endurance runner.

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This was his first time running the Badwater Ultra Marathon and to compete in such extreme heat. He knew he was physically able to run the miles in under 24 hours if he could keep from getting nauseated.

Me running with Valmir at approximately mile 13 or 14 There were 3 different start times at this race, 6am, 8am and 10am.

Valmir was in the 10am group. He was in 3rd place here when I was running with him This was a shot I took as Valmir passed the runner I was pacing, Monica Otero, who started two hours earlier with the 8am group.

знакомства город жуковский yabb pages

So after a difficult battle and strategically planned race, Valmir made a come back from over an hour deficit and being at one point 6 miles behind the leader, Jorge Pacheco, he ended up winning Mario Lacerda translates for Valmir during the Media Interviews The second brazilian who ran Badwater this year is Monica Otero, she is 51 yrs old and cancer survivor and also the first brazilian and even south american woman to ever qualify, run and finish this grueling event.

Monica was able to get a great support team organized who all loved her very much and wanted her to succeed. We had a very emotional team meeting the day before the race where Monica expressed her gratitude towards all of us on her support crew. We all cried with her and knew we were all apart of something amazing. Here you can see Monica standing at the starting line of the race and already emotionally overtaken by the power of this place.

Many consider this event the road from Hell to Heaven. There were so many analogies we came up with along the course to compare the differences between the beginning and the end, the start and finish, Badwater to Whitney Portal We have all been preparing for this day for months. Ice baths, water sprayers, bandanas with ice, and ice cold soaked towels and clothing were the best way to keep her body tempurate down.

She was constantly putting ice under hat and called it her own personal "cooler". I was the first to start pacing Monica after she reached the time check-in at Furnace Creek. In our training two weeks ago Monica took 6 hours to get from Badwater to Furnace Creek. Day of the race she covered the same section of the course in only 4.

знакомства город жуковский yabb pages

Mario Villar pacing Monica into the darkness nearing Stovepipe Wells Once we reached Stovepipe we spent the next 3 hours in a hotel room there to rest, eat dinner and try and sleep.

Monica took a nice cold bath and then a visit to the foot doctor to re-wrap her feet and blisters. Now with the lowest section of the course and Stovepipe Wells behind us Monica had reached the first summit, Townes Pass just in time for the sun rise.

After a 2 hour stop in Panamint Springs to recover and rest before the next mountain pass, Monica turned into a whole new person Me and my friend Dave Hemmert eating lunch in Panamint Valley before hitting the road for another 25 hours to the finish.

Just a picture of me out on a training run the night before the race